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Paul Fromm Attacked by JDL Terrorists

Posted by Anarchore on April 19, 2007

Threats, intimidation and violence. Nothing is too low for the Zionofascists, who are desperately trying to hang on to their control over Canada as people from all corners are coming out against Jewish supremacy and terrorism.



Paul Fromm Attacked by 10 JDL Thugs

Paul Fromm is safe, and two JDL thugs arrested.

by Marc Lemire
Full report coming tonight.

TORONTO: Paul Fromm is at the College of Teachers hearings today, where the College is attempting revoke his teachers certificate on a series of politically motivated allegations.

Paul showed up this morning at the hearing, and 10 Jewish Defence League thugs were waiting with Israeli flags and offensive placards. Once the JDL recognized Paul Fromm, the thugs attacked!

Paul Fromm stood firm and pushed passed the melee and got onto the elevator. Once entering the elevator, two JDL thugs forced their way on along with two police officers. As soon as the doors closed, one of the JDL hoodlums attempted to choke and assualt Paul Fromm.

The police immediatly intervened and pulled the JDL thugs off of Paul Fromm, in the process at least one Police officer was slightly injured.

Two of the JDL assailants were arrested by the Metro Toronto Police Service.

Paul Fromm made it through the JDL mob unscathed and went into the hearing and represented himself with honour, dignity and courage.

Once the hearing started, Paul explained to the tribunal what happened and then they went on break for 30 minutes. During the break, Paul Fromm gave an emotional and insightful interview with Canada’s Globe and Mail.

Len Rudner from the Canadian Jewish Congress is sitting in the hearing room.

The hearing continues this afternoon…

Update: http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php/jdl-thugs-attack-paul-fromm-382540.html


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