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Mass Immigration May Spark Civil War

Posted by Anarchore on April 16, 2007

People are sick of the lies, the wars, the mass immigration designed to demographically change our countries to the third world. Our political systems are entirely infiltrated by Zionofascists and their lackeys, so the question is what will it take to seize freedom?

Found on newsgroup can.politics Apr 15/2007.

Who in our western countries wishes to have this invasion from the third world?!

by Michael Laudahne eOpposition

The population certainly not, not to mention some unchangeably raving

Our ‘elite’ in politics, justice system, administration and the media, which
has implemented it and keeps it going, couldn’t care less about their
country and its people. The one thing that counts for them is that they
themselves thrive. Presently, a cosmopolitan attitude is ‘in’ in those
circles, so they adapt.

It’s these people who would have to change their opinion, in order to stop
the development and undo it. This is difficult because they all suffer from
group idiocy – as described so well in H C Andersen’s fairy tale of The
Emperor’s New Clothes. The question is, how can it be broken? Will a young
boy do shouting, ‘But he’s got nothing on’?

Probably not. In the USA, Hal Turner ( http://halturnershow.com/ ) proposes
that citizens shoot and kill a considerable number of the members of this
‘elite’, in order to force the survivors to obey the citizens. Interesting

I am convinced: If the ‘elite’ doesn’t find to reason and just lets this
development continue, we’ll have a civil war, sooner or later. There are
simply too many people in our countries who are not ready to passively look
on while exotic intruders from the third world take over our countries, no
matter under what politically correct slogans.

A civil war means there will be no more order like there used to be. E g,
parts of the former state powers (like the military) will side with the
population. *) This is the moment when the population will be able to hold
members of the ‘elite’ accountable.

So, get prepared: Who ever lives near a minister, higher judge/state
attorney, higher civil servant or media personality, should make a note of
his data – anything you can get -, in order to be able to catch him on D
day. Those who refuse to listen that they have to obey their population and
not UN functionaries or the fifth columns’ lobbies or execute their private
policies, will have to feel. ‘All the force emanates from the people.’

Attention: Some of your ‘representatives’ will be armed against you. Don’t
go there unarmed. And remember: You’re facing criminals. Your task is to
re-establish the
legitimate order. You may use all the means necessary to achieve this goal.

> *) Remember Nicolae Ceausescu (
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicolae_Ceau%C5%9Fescu ): He was sentenced
> and shot dead by his own military.

Even if leftists and jews don’t like to hear it: No third-world immigration
to the western world! Many danes think the same, see e g

http://www.dendanskeforening.dk/index.asp?id=27 .

Third-world immigration to the west was organised by the jewish orientals
(third-worlders themselves), in order to make them less visible in the
growing ethnic chaos. Proof: research done by prof Kevin B MacDonald, see


Don’t surrender, keep on fighting !!!


2 Responses to “Mass Immigration May Spark Civil War”

  1. Livette said

    Nice blog!

  2. Beserker said

    Well you guys do, anarchists are against borders, for mass immigration.

    you anarchists are all zionists hahaha

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