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Unlawful Detention is fine by Canada’s Zionofascist Supreme Court

Posted by Anarchore on April 13, 2007

Supreme Court won’t hear Ernst Zundel claim for unlawful detention

(And all he did was write books critical of Zionofascism) 


Canadian Press

Published: Thursday, April 12, 2007

OTTAWA (CP) – The Supreme Court of Canada won’t hear a claim from Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel that he was unlawfully detained and then deported to Germany.

As is usual in leave-to-appeal cases, the court gave no reasons for its ruling.

Zundel, who was detained for two years on a security certificate as a foreign national deemed to be a threat to national security, had sought $10 million in damages.

Lower courts upheld the security certificate and subsequently rejected his claim for damages.

Over the years, Zundel, 67, fought a series of court cases over his publications which denied the Nazi slaughter of Jews during the Second World War.

In February, a German court convicted him of Holocaust denial and sentenced him to the maximum term of five years.

© The Canadian Press 2007


Just a matter of time before the Zionofascists and their shills are turfed out of
Canada, and into Israhell where the Arabs can balance their Karmic debt!
Warscum don’t belong in Canada, and I hope to see the day when warmongers
fear for their lives, as their millions of victims have.




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