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Israeli troops will control Hungarian Gentiles

Posted by Anarchore on March 15, 2007

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Israeli troops will control Hungarian Gentiles

Israeli Special Ops Forces will help to control Hungarian Gentiles tomorrow (March 15) when Hungary celebrates its national holiday.

Background: Hungary Is Zionist Controlled

Hungary was the birthplace of modern Zionism (Theodor Herzl was born in Budapest in 1860).

During World War II, Gypsies were put into labor camps with Jews, because Gypsies allied with Jewish Bolsheviks against Germany.

After WW II, Jewish Bolsheviks maintained control of Hungary, and encouraged Soviet tanks to crush a popular rebellion in 1956.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, Jewish gangsters took control of Hungary. They remain in control today (unlike Russia).

Hungary’s president, prime minister, and all other government ministers are Zionist Jews. Indeed, 75% of government bureaucrats at all levels are Zionist Jews, as is the minister of police. Many of these people spend as much time in Israel as they do in Hungary.

Jews own all TV, radio, and major newspaper outlets.

The gangsters are utterly corrupt. Before Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany (Zionist Jew) took office, he promised to reduce government waste. Instead, he doubled taxes. In September 2006 he was caught on tape admitting he lied to win the elections.

Under Jewish control, the Hungarian sovereign debt’s credit rating has been reduced to BBB+. This makes Hungary the only country in the EU (apart from Jewish-controlled Poland) not to enjoy an A grade score. Foreign investors’ trust in the Hungarian economy has declined, since all government economics programs are based on raising taxes, rather than curbing government spending.

Today Jews get all the best jobs in Hungary, while Gentiles suffer from the highest unemployment in Eastern Europe. Hungary has a high cost of living, but low wages. Prices for fuel, phones, and electricity keep rising, as do taxes and inflation. Non-Jewish hospitals are being closed. Hospitals that remain open do not have enough food for patients. The general quality of life is deteriorating.

Gentiles want to adopt the euro as currency, but Jews do not, as this would reduce Jewish control over Hungary’s economy.

On January 1, 2007, the gangsters dissolved the Hungarian Land Moratorium, which had prevented the privatization of natural resources in Hungary. Hungary is now up for sale to transnational corporations.

Budapest has about 50,000 Jews, the largest concentration of any city in Eastern Europe. Thus, it is a major trans-shipment point for methamphetamines and Afghan heroin. It also has a huge pornography industry.

Several militant Jewish organizations are active in Hungary, such as the Zionist Federation of Hungary, the Hungarian Zionist Organization, and the Federation of Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz).

The city of Budapest has 26 synagogues. One of them is the size of a city block.

Hungary sends some of its police to the “International Security Academy” in Israel- http://www.securityacademy.org.il/mirza1/

Hungary’s national education policy was written by Israel, and requires every schoolchild to become familiar with the holocaust. Education Secretary Bogyay (Zionist Jew) has just launched a giant educational exchange program for Jews. Already hundreds of Israeli students are enrolled in Hungarian schools. Many schools are Jewish-only.

Hungary also has some of the most severe “hate speech” laws in Europe.

Hungary will accept the radar segment of a missile system that Bush will install in Poland. Gentiles in Hungary and Poland do not want this system. The Jews want it as a symbol against Russia.

The Jews that control Poland and Hungary support the Bush / Zionist invasion war in Iraq. The Gentiles do not. Indeed, Gentiles openly say that the war serves Israel.

This week, 30 Israeli businessmen representing 16 Israeli companies visited Hungary to improve Israeli control over the nation. The visit was organized by David Admon, Israel’s Ambassador to Hungary.

In 2003, bilateral trade between Israel and Hungary was $173.4 million. By 2006 it had tripled to $496 million.

Israel’s exports to Hungary totaled $97 million in 2006, while imports totaled $399 million. Thus, Hungary is an Israel-controlled factory with cheap Gentile workers.


Although half the people in Hungary are Roman Catholic, during Christmas, the pine trees outside the parliament building are topped with Zionist hexagrams (stars). Gentles feel that Hungary is under direct Israeli occupation. During the May 2002 election campaign, posters for the Hungarian Socialist Party (which represents the Jewish gangsters) were defaced by slogans such as “Israeli interests are behind the Socialists.”

Anti-Zionist chants are common at soccer matches. A popular saying among Hungarian Gentiles is, “Austria is ruled from Brussels, Brussels from Washington, and Washington from Tel Aviv.”

The parliament building is fenced off. Police brutality against Gentiles is rampant. False-flag operations are routine. Yesterday someone used an AK-47 to fire at the bulletproof glass of the police headquarters in Budapest. The suspects were filmed in their car, but were not arrested. The incident gave the Jewish-controlled government an excuse to increase police powers.

The Fidesz opposition party (Gentiles) recently staged a demonstration in the parliament square, in which they read aloud the names of Jewish traitors that run the government.

Tomorrow (March 15) during the national holiday, the Fidesz party will hold a large demonstration in Budapest. Holocaust “denier” David Irving (recently released from prison) will speak.

Tension is so high that Hungarian gentiles say the atmosphere is surreal. They say the only thing that keeps Jews in power is their police force of 30,000. They say a “long hot summer” is coming up.

To help control the crowds tomorrow, Israel sent 174 special ops troops, who were taken by bus (with blacked-out windows) to the main synagogue in central Budapest, which is a huge complex. The Israelis have been staying there for several days. Tomorrow, Israeli snipers will occupy rooftops, while other Israelis will coordinate the police.

In the Ujelet’s newspaper, Hungarian Jewish community president Peter Feldmejer recommended that Jews stay home tomorrow, or leave Budapest altogether for several days.

Despite total Jewish control of Hungary, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany complains that Hungary is a hotbed of “anti-Semitism.”

Hungarian Gentiles expect that if they try to take back their government, NATO will send in the military to protect the Jewish gangsters.


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    What a helluva motherfucker one must be to write such silly shit!

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