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Israel, U.S. storm out of UN nuclear forum

Posted by Anarchore on March 14, 2007

Israel, U.S. storm out of UN nuclear forum
Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Israel and U.S. delegations walked out of the United Nations’
disarmament forum in Geneva, Switzerland yesterday after Iran said Israel
was the “real source of nuclear danger in the Middle East” and had a “dark
record of crimes.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki told the Conference on
Disarmament that Israel’s nuclear weapons posed a “uniquely grave threat to
regional and international peace and security” requiring action by the
international community.

In a statement, Israel’s ambassador Itzhak Levanon to the UN in Geneva, said
that he and his aides, and the entire U.S. delegation had “abruptly left the
room as the Foreign Minister of Iran … was in the middle of a vitriolic

A U.S. spokeswoman in Geneva confirmed the walk-out and called Mottaki’s
remarks “outrageous and divisive” at a time the forum was trying to find
common ground on global arms issues.

Vice Premier Shimon Peres said yesterday that a peaceful solution must be
found to the Iranian nuclear problem, despite its president’s vow to wipe
Israel off the map.

“I wouldn’t like to darken the future with belligerent declarations,” Peres
said at a news conference when asked about the possibility of a preemptive

“I do hope that the problem can be solved economically, politically and

Peres is in Tokyo for a four-nation meeting today about Middle East peace
that includes officials from the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and host
Japan, as well as a two-day confidence-building conference that starts


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