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My Letter to the Filthy Cockburn

Posted by Anarchore on March 6, 2007

In response to her column titled “Zundel Merits Laughter”, I also wrote her an email(she did not respond):

Wed Feb 21, 2007


More worthy of laughter are those who silence their opponents with law rather than to debate their point of view, thus admitting they have no case.

If Zundel is so laughable, this should be self-evident, no? No need for thought-crime laws if you are protecting the truth, no?

Truth needs no legislation to protect it.

Only lies do.

So my guffaws are reserved for the thugs and cowards advancing their midaeval, middle-eastern Zionofascist Weltanshaung.

And their shills such as yourself.

Canadians are waking up to Zionofascist occupied government and media.

We know the Zionofascists are the main force advocating invading Iran.

Don’t ally yourself with this scum.

Anarchore(webmaster of the top site on the internet exposing Zionofascism in Canada and the world)

Get a clue:



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