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Birdman Slams Cockburn

Posted by Anarchore on March 6, 2007

Birdman Bryant, in his inimitable style skewers a Canadian politburu “journalist”.

Email her yourself: cockburn@canoemail.com


Open Letter to Kanadian Fifth Columnist Lyn Cockburn
To: Lyn Cockburn, Columnist, Edmonton Sun, cockburn@canoemail.com
From: John ‘Birdman’ Bryant, john@thebirdman.org
Copy: Editor, mailbag@edmsun.com
Article url: http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Columnists/Cockburn_Lyn/2007/02/17/3641869.html
Thanks: Karl

Dear Lyn:

I doubt that you realize it, but I really think you need to be told: You are a FILTHY CUNT.

Now I don’t say that lightly, because it is very rare that I feel the need to use strong language. Nor am I intending to insult you, because I think ‘filthy cunt’ is an apt description of you in a figurative sense because of your recent column on Ernst Zundel (“Zundel merits laughter”, Edmonton Sun, Sunday 18 Feb 2007).

So let me explain myself, not that a FILTHY CUNT LIKE YOU would be able to understand it.
First of all, I call you a FILTHY CUNT because I am trying to get thru to you at the gut level. I am trying to open up your mind by stirring up your emotions. A Canadian friend of mine had the right idea when he said, “Learnin’ is churnin'”. I want you to churn so you can learn, because it is pretty obvious that a FILTHY CUNT LIKE YOU is not going to learn any other way.

OK, now let’s start with all the umbrage that you heap on Zundel, aside from your ridiculous jokes, which are only funny in the sense that they are silly to the point of bizarrity. In particular, you call Zundel an idiot, fool and moron, that he only merits laughter for his beliefs, and similar diatribalisms. Now the interesting thing in your remarks is not what it shows about Zundel, but what it shows about YOU, you FILTHY CUNT. The first thing it shows is that you are a name-caller — you do not discuss the issues, you just try to smear the man. In fact, you do worse than that — you try to smear the work that he has DEVOTED HIS LIFE TO, and what is more, DEVOTED IT TO HELP OTHERS, namely, his German compatriots. So whatever you think of his views, it remains a fact that his work and his person deserve RESPECT. But you are far too small-minded to give it to him. And that’s why I say, FUCK YOU, YOU FILTHY CUNT.

But there is more to the matter than that. It is what those who have been steeped in the Anglo tradition call ‘fair play’. It’s the tradition of not kicking a man when he is down, and it is also giving him credit where credit is due. As to the former, Zundel has just spent two years in jail in the most appalling and unjust conditions that are far worse than what most murderers would receive; and as to the second, Zundel is a man who has stirred up Canada for 40 years, including winning not once but TWICE in important freedom-protective cases decided by the Canadian Supreme Court. So clearly, the man is not an idiot and a moron, purely aside from the fact that being one of these would logically exclude him from being the other. Not that you would know that, you FILTHY IGNORANT CUNT. On the contrary, he is a very smart man who has an issue (or several) that matter a great deal to important segments of the population of Canada, and indeed the WORLD.

Got that, you FILTHY CUNT?

But there’s more, and that’s something that is far more important than whether Zundel is ‘an idiot and a moron’ or deserves to be ridiculed. What I am referring to is the tiny matter of FREE SPEECH. That, of course, is not important to you because you, as liberal and a Jewish tool, don’t want to do anything that will violate your stupid dogma of the multicult or remove your lips from the reeking Jewish anus that rules the Pimple Republik of Kanada. But a lot of people — unlike stupid cunts like you — feel that free speech is rather important. And it isn’t that it is just an Anglo tradition, and it isn’t just that it is in the Canadian or UN Declaration of Rights or the American Constitution. It is important because without free speech, governments and the people they govern can’t get the information they need to live sensibly and safely. More specifically, they can’t get the CRITICISM they need to discover the ERRORS they make, which would then allow them to change course and keep from going over a literal or figurative cliff.

And thereby hangs the tale of multicultist no-free-speech Kanada. It is a tale so sordid and so beyond the pale of what the Anglo peoples have come to recognize as civilization that critical private letters of Kanadian citizens written to public servants or to newspapers on issues of the day are deemed criminal offenses, as irrepressible letter-writer Brad Love has found out. It is this extreme to which the Kanadian authorities, acting as tools of Jewish-imposed and Jewish-dominated political correctness, have led Kanada. It is they who wish to insure that Kanadians shall not be allowed to know that the wunnerful-o-wunnerful multicultural melange that Kanada is turning into is destroying Canadian traditions, wiping out or edging out the native European population, and is filling Kanada with crime, crime and more crime, thanks to the negroidal nasties and other darkling dirties that hail from the sunny shores of the tempest-tossed star-crossed Turd World. And certainly Kanadians are not allowed to know that violent foreigners with records of murder and mayhem are allowed to stay in Kanada while pacifist Zundel, who has never been convicted of ANYTHING, much less a violent crime, is kidnapped from America at the instigation of the Pimple Republik’s Hebrood, kept in Kanadian solitary confinement for a year, and then forcibly exported to a country — Germany — now dominated by vicious revenge-filled Hebrutes who ‘never forgive, never forget’, and who are ecstatic to have Zundel in their clutches so they can enjoy one continuous perverted squirting orgasm over the fact that Zundel is rotting in their jails.

That’s what free speech is about, you FILTHY CUNT — finding out what the problem is and fixing it. And that is why your Jewish masters want to STAMP OUT free speech, because they don’t want people to see how screwed up things are, and who has made them that way — namely, THEMSELVES, along with their shabby goy gofers like YOU, you FILTHY CUNT. Because if Kanadian citizens were allowed to find out the truth, there would soon be some REAL gas chambers where you and your Hebrute masters would be sent without delay — as opposed to the fake ones that Zundel and other ‘deniers’ have proved were created in people’s imagination as part of the Jewish Big Lie that is the Holohoax.

Now in closing I do not wish to leave you with the impression that I am simply creating out of whole cloth the charges I make against the Jews — or more properly, the Jewish Establishment, as I do not believe that the majority of Jews have any inkling of the lies which their leaders have spoken and the dirty deeds that they have done. So if you want to educate yourself — which undoubtedly you do not — then feel free to visit my website — http://www.thebirdman.org — where you will find a HUGE COLLECTION of documentary evidence for the fact that Jews are running Western civilization into the ground, and that the Jewish Big Lie of the Holocaust is a major tool in their work.

Not that a FILTHY STUPID IGNORANT CUNT such as yourself could ever understand it.


Note: This letter was emailed to Lyn and to the Letters Editor shortly after the column appeared, but no response has been received.


One Response to “Birdman Slams Cockburn”

  1. Marlene said

    Mr. Bryant…we wonder where our young people learn to use such filthy language… its from from people like you who either speak it or write it. Shame on you. I really don’t care what Ms Cockburn wrote, you sir are part of the problem not part of the solution.I don’t believe you were trying to get her attention but merely showing off your lack of refinement and good manners.We have a wide variety of acceptable words to express ones feeling in our English language,use them!!! so that people like me actually read and get your point without being disgusted and distracted by your coarse filthy thoughts.

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