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Antispeech Commies Lose –Taylor Debate in Halifax

Posted by Anarchore on March 6, 2007

The debate that was shut down by a mob has returned -apparently Taylor won.

Halifax radio station hosts controversial debate on racial diversity
HALIFAX (CP) – A Halifax radio station held a controversial debate on racism Tuesday after Saint Mary’s University cancelled the event over security concerns.

Philosophy professor Peter March and self-described “race realist” Jared Taylor exchanged views for 90 minutes on a CJCH radio talk show. March was already scheduled to appear on the program and he asked the station if Taylor could also be invited.

Taylor, who is with American Renaissance magazine in Virginia and advocates the separation of races, was roughed up in January when he tried to give a speech on his racial views at a Halifax hotel.

The radio debate attracted little attention as only two protesters showed up outside the station before the program began carrying placards that read: “SMU faculty against racism.”

They left before the call-in show ended


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