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Jewish Exile from USA Exposes Zionofascism

Posted by Anarchore on February 26, 2007

Dr Les Sachs is the first US citizen received as a political refugee in Western Europe.

He lives in Brussels, Belgium, and can be reached at: Dr.L.Sachs@gmail.com

Exerpt follows:

Versus the Power of the US “Jewish Lobby”

ImageAnti-semitic attacks by Bush’s friends and the US government? – But what about the “powerful US Jewish lobby” backing “total US support for Israel”?

As people read my writings, and learn about the anti-semitic attacks on me by Bush’s friends and some Jew-hating US judges, I often get comments or questions along these lines –

“It’s hard to believe the anti-semite angle given all the protection the US and Bush are known for giving Israel, and the power of the Jewish lobby in the United States – So how is it possible that you can be the victim of anti-semitic attacks, and be forced to leave the US and take refuge in Europe, when it seems like the Jewish lobby would have jumped in eagerly to protect you?”

Very sadly, it shows the power of propaganda, that this kind of question ends up being asked.

The reality – which Jews themselves know well – is that Jews are often afraid to help Jewish victims of government attacks, because Jews everywhere, even wealthy Jews in the US, tend to be very afraid of the world around them. Today in the US, as in much of history, Jews will cower behind the curtains of one house, when the authorities come to attack and destroy the Jews next door.

Moreover, some Jews will even rob and betray other Jews, as well as abandon them and refuse to help them. Every nation, society or tribe has its quislings, who are ready to betray their fellows. Jews are no different.

People speak of the power of the “Jewish lobby” to denote the political figures maintaining the connections between the US military-industrial complex and the Israeli government. There are indeed Jews who are prominent alongside Bush and other US politicians, there are Jews who work for the US government system, and other Jews who collaborate with it – just as many people of all backgrounds collaborate with the US regime.

But there are also Jews who really take the rebellious Jewish heritage seriously, Jews who dare to speak out, and such Jews can find themselves much hated by the US rulers, exactly because they can be effective voices against the fascism and denial of human rights in the US. Jews can be very powerful if they point out Nazi-like behaviour among the US ruling class. Such people of Jewish heritage, are the kind of Jews that the US would like to see silenced, marginalised, or banned, and if they don’t keep quiet, even killed and exterminated.

There are already political Jews being murdered in US jail cells, people of Jewish heritage attacked by the US government (like myself) who can’t get help from Jewish lawyers or organisations. And that is all hidden beneath the surface of stories about the “all-powerful Jewish lobby” and “military support for Israel”.

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