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Canada’s Disgrace in Afghanistan

Posted by Anarchore on February 8, 2007

Canada the occupied thug state needs to be cleaned up.

The day may come when the political war-criminals, the military contracting warlovers, and other warmongers hang from the nation’s lampposts in Canada and the USA.

Zionofascists are putting Canada into danger and expense for Israel.  We must end the waste and tragedy of war permanently.

War is never desired by the people.

Predators in power must convince the people that there is a deadly danger facing them that can only be averted by killing the enemy du jour.

In reality war is always a racket generating enormous profits for related industries, and increased power for the state.

Perhaps the death penalty should be specifically reintroduced for such premeditated mass murders for profit.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Source: Daily Herald Tribune
Residents not surprised Canadian troops linked to abuse allegations

By Murray Brewster

The Canadian Press

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Allegations that Afghan detainees were abused after they were captured by Canadians came as no surprise Tuesday to Kandahar residents who have mixed feelings about the soldiers from Canada.

Residents remember shooting incidents that have killed at least two Afghans over the past year and injured several others, many of them motorists or motorcyclists who failed to obey Canadian orders to stop. The latest reports of alleged abuse touched a raw nerve in Kandahar, even though the suspects involved were believed to be Taliban insurgents.
”They promised to do reconstruction,” Afadullah, 30, an auto mechanic with a shop near the city’s gate, said about the Canadians through a translator.

”If (the Canadians) cannot co-operate with us, they should go home and then the Americans should send somebody else.”
But others in Kandahar were prepared to give Canadians the benefit of the doubt. They urged patience while the allegation is being checked out.

”Canadians are better than Americans; more humble,” said Abdul Khan, a taxi driver.
”They can be forgiven as long as they promise to stop shooting at civilians.”

The reaction from Afghans came as the Canadian army found itself on the defensive over claims three Afghan detainees were abused after Canadian troops captured them last spring. At their base in Kandahar, Canadian soldiers and officers were ordered not to comment on the report and to refer questions to National Defence headquarters.
In Ottawa, Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor said two military investigations are looking into the claims and a civilian watchdog agency is deciding whether to jump in.

”At the moment, we have an allegation which will be investigated,” O’Connor told the House of Commons.
”If there is truth to it, corrective action will be taken. If there is no truth to it, it will pass away.”

The results of the investigations will be made public, he said.
According to newspaper articles published Tuesday, the three Afghan men were taken into custody near the village of Dukah, 50 kilometres west of Kandahar, on April 7, 2006.

Heavily censored military police logs obtained under access to information laws by a University of Ottawa law professor, Amir Attaran, suggest that at least one and maybe all three were beaten by soldiers. Attaran had put the case before the Military Police Complaints Commission, the civilian agency.


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