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Toronto Israeli Spy Ring

Posted by Anarchore on February 7, 2007

Source: CBC News

Story of Israeli spy in Toronto ‘nonsense,’ Israel says
Last Updated: Tuesday, February 6, 2007 | 7:13 PM ET
Israeli officials are denying a report of an Israeli spy operating in Toronto, calling the claim a “complete and utter fabrication.”

Both the Israeli public security minister and Israeli’s ambassador to Canada said Tuesday that the allegations against Mohamed Essam Ghoneim el-Attar are not true.

El-Attar, who is a dual citizen of Egypt and Canada, was arrested in January in Cairo and charged with spying. Egyptian authorities claim he moved to Canada in 2003 to spy on people of Egyptian and Arab descent.

Egypt alleges el-Attar worked at an unnamed Toronto bank to obtain information on accounts for Israel, which recruited him while he was living in Turkey in 2001.

What about these spies? And how about these Israel lobbyists posing as Canadian politicians?

Canadian Statesman or Zionist Lobbyist?

Prime Minister Harper appeared to have been employed by an Israeli PR firm last summer when he excused every Israeli atrocity including murdering an unarmed Canadian observer.


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