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Canadian Troops Abusing Prisoners(this sounds familiar)

Posted by Anarchore on February 6, 2007

So now Canadian troops are emulating the Israelis and the US in “disappearing” and torturing people.

Canada under Neocon rule is turning into a terrorist rogue state like the USA and Israel.

They say that three were beaten. How many more do we not know about?

Is there anyone who seriously believes one can terrorise people into accepting democracy, and that the government resulting will be worth the effort?

Perhaps oilmen and Israeli Zionists.

This “scumbag” is a war criminal

Zionofascist Stooge Hillier avoids the battlefield

Gen. Rick Hillier, the chief of Canada’s defence staff, said he’s confident Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan are behaving appropriately and professionally.

Remember when leading the attack last year, he called the Afghani people “scumbags” and bragged about going forth to kill them.

Neocon puppets like Hillier are a danger to the soldiers under their command and a disgrace to Canada.

Source: CBC

Military officials are investigating allegations Afghan prisoners were abused while in the custody of Canadian soldiers, according to documents.


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