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Germany will not seek EU ban on swastika

Posted by Anarchore on February 4, 2007

Zionofascist Occupied Germany is still pursuing an EU-wide ban on Holohoax denial.
Found at: www.thebirdman.org

Updated: 30/Jan/2007 14:37

BRUSSELS (EJP)— Germany said on Monday it would not seek an EU ban on swastikas as part of its drive to have a common European law penalising Holocaust denial and the incitement of racial hatred.

A call by Berlin earlier this month on fellow EU members to outlaw the swastika sparked outrage among Hindu groups who said it had been part of their religious symbols for nearly 5,000 years before the Nazis appropriated it.

(Anarchore states: It was also a religious symbol for the Germanic people long before Hitler appropriated it. What right does the Zionofascist Occupied Government of Germany have to deny us our sacred symbols?)

The Hindu Forum of Britain (HFB), an umbrella organization of about 275 Hindu organizations, had announced a campaign to block the move.

The German justice ministry said in a statement it “will not seek to prohibit the use of specific symbols such as swastikas” when setting out plans for an EU-wide anti-racism law.

It would also not try to push all EU states to say it is a crime to deny that 6 million Jews were exterminated during WWII, guaranteeing “the member states the necessary leeway for maintaining their established constitutional traditions.”

“The goal is to attain minimum harmonisation of provisions on criminal liability for disseminating racist and xenophobic statements,” the statement said.

Luxembourg initiative

Germany, which currently holds the EU presidency, is trying to revive an initiative started by Luxembourg two years ago for tougher laws on the incitement of racial hatred and historical revisionism.

This includes “the denial or gross minimization of genocide out of racist and xenophobic motives,” the ministry said, though it did not single out the murder of six million Jews by the Nazis in World War II.

Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries has told EU counterparts that criminalizing Holocaust denial would help to stem a rising tide of right-wing violence in Europe.

But the proposal is expected to encounter strong resistance.

Austria, Germany, Spain, Belgium and France have already criminalised the Holocaust denial.

In 2005, Luxembourg’s drive was blocked by Britain, Denmark and Italy.

Last week, Italy’s new centre-left government published a draft law which proposes penalties of up to three years in jail for inciting racial hatred, but stops short of making Holocaust denial a crime.

Some 200 Italian historians had objected to the move.

Germany is now considering reviving the Luxembourg idea which suggests that incitement to racism and xenophobia should be punishable by at least one to three years in jail in all 27 EU states, but leaves it to each state to decide on the specifics.

The Luxembourg blueprint, which Germany is studying, says that racist declarations or Holocaust denial would not be prosecuted if they were expressed in a way that did not incite hatred against an individual or group of people, according to a well informed source.

The use of Nazi insignia is forbidden in Germany, where Holocaust denial was criminalized in 1985.


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