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Death Sentence Sought for Thoughtcrime in Zionofascist Occupied Deutschland

Posted by Anarchore on January 28, 2007

Free Speech Martyr Ernst Zundel
This is sick. Ernst Zundel is a 67-year-old pacifist who never hurt anyone, yet has been kidnapped, held in solitary confinement, and jailed for his beliefs. The five years they are calling for may well kill him, and for what? For questioning state dogma in occupied Canada he was kidnapped, held in solitary confinement then extradited to Germany to face their thought-crime laws.
The only proof one needs that there is something wrong with the official Holocaust story is that there are laws against debating it. He who outlaws speech is the one with something to hide, not the speaker. Now those with something to hide want to outlaw discussion of the “Holocaust” EU-wide.

The Zionofascists, with their ideology of Jewish racial supremacy and monotheistic authoritarianism believe that they can short-circuit Europeans’ tradition of open intellectual inquiry and debate. They think that by using emotionalism instead of fact, that they can continue their lucrative fraud, guilt tripping Germany about the phony Holocaust while their machinations in the Middle East are responsible for a real ongoing Holocaust of genocide against the Arab people.
They don’t realize that people can see through the tyranny surrounding the Shoah –that faith rather than reason and critical thinking is enforced– as a sure sign of FRAUD.

Unless doublethink is employed and lies are truth and truth is criminal, there is no other possible conclusion.

That regimes that outlaw historical debate are illegitimate is another conclusion one can make.

No wonder nationalist movements are on the rise throughout Europe.

Source: DW World

World War II | 26.01.2007

As one of the most famous Holocaust deniers goes on trial in Germany, the EU takes steps to criminalize denying the Shoah.

German prosecutors in Mannheim demanded a five-year jail sentence Friday for one of the most high-profile figures in the Holocaust denial movement, Ernst Zündel, in closing arguments at his trial.


Zündel, a 67-year-old German citizen, stands accused of inciting racial hatred for disputing the historical fact that Nazi Germany systematically slaughtered six million European Jews during World War II.


German authorities say Zündel operated a website from Canada on which he expressed anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi views and presented “revisionist” history. He left Germany for Canada at the age of 19 but was deported in March 2005 on a German arrest warrant.


Denying the Holocaust is a crime in Germany and if convicted, Zündel faces up to five years in jail.


The trial began almost a year ago but has run into several legal hurdles. It follows a high-profile case in which controversial British historian David Irving spent 13 months in jail in Austria for questioning the Holocaust before being released last month.


Germany‘s special mission


Germany, which holds the rotating European Union presidency until July, announced plans this month to promote making Holocaust denial punishable by law in every member state of the bloc.

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