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Too Hot in the Racist Homeland –Thousands Flee to Canada

Posted by Anarchore on January 27, 2007

Choosing terror over diplomacy is no path to peace. Terrorism only generates more terror. The psychotic and racist Zionofascists are showing their hosts the Jewish people the path to oblivion by turning the world against them. The only countries that support Israel are the US, Canada and a few third world client states, and this is because of the Zionist media control and nominal Jewish(but actually Zionofascist) pressure lobbying groups like the B’nai B’rith. Now Jews are fleeing Zionofascist Israhell.

Perhaps adopting terrorstate policies like supporting US/Israeli wars of aggression is not such a good idea for Canada as well? Canadian politicians won’t take this as an example of the failure of The State of Israel’s brutal policies though, but will mouth some mealy platitudes about the dangers of terrorism. They will interpret Palestinian and Hezbollah reactions to constant provocations as proving the necessity to strike first at the “terrorists”, thus validating Israel’s terrorist behaviour and helping to ensure that it continues.

Do Canadians have the intelligence to look past the media lies about Israel and realize that the Zionofascist-bought Liberal and Conservative parties are leading the country into danger and world disrepute, and our troops into harm’s way? How are Canadians going to be respected in Afghanistan and other countries if the government is staffed by Zionofascist stooges like Harper or Martin?

Righteous Jew: Yeshiva student names Israel

Our leaders are psychotic and criminal, completely bought and controlled by Zionofascists and corporate and banking Globalists. It is time for regime change in Israel, the US and Canada.

Source: Canadian Press
Published: Friday, January 26, 2007
JERUSALEM – Thousands of Israelis, some citing fear of Palestinian terror attacks, others saying they are in danger of spousal abuse, have requested asylum in Canada and hundreds have so far been granted refugee status there, Israel’s two mass-circulation dailies reported Friday.
Citing data received by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Yediot Ahronot said that since the year 2000, at least 3,000 Israelis had filed asylum applications. Maariv also gave the figure of 3,000 and said that upward of 500 applications had been approved…

These people are likely brainwashed by the trauma of living in Israel and the Zionist indoctrination and army training every Israeli must undergo, and will likely agitate for the Zionofascist cause in Canada. They will have to be deprogrammed. Some will never recover and will help lobby for Zionofascism in Canada for the rest of their lives.


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