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Cuckoo Neocon Gin Grinch Calling for War

Posted by Anarchore on January 26, 2007

Republican Neocon Zionofascist Newt Gingrich is picking up on Netanyahu’s hate speech,

Newt Gin Grinch

trying to whip up hysteria through fear for war against Iran. Think the American people are in the mood for more of this pre-Iraq war type of propaganda? Better to state your open warplans to more receptive Israelis eh Newt?

Source: Ynet News

Yaakov Lappin

Published: 01.23.07, 19:51

“The Israeli people are facing the threat of a nuclear Holocaust, former US Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich warned the Herzliya Conference held by the Institute for Policy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya on Tuesday afternoon…”

“Gingrich, who addressed the conference via satellite from the United States, said he thought Israel’s existence was under threat again for the first time in 40 years.

Gingrich is quick to start the fearmongering, playing on paranioa.

“Israel is in the greatest danger it has been in since 1967. Prior to ’67, many wondered if Israel would survive. After ’67, Israel seemed military dominant, despite the ’73 war. I would say we are (now) back to question of survival,” Gingrich said.

Then Gingrich gets Cuckoo psychotic. If these Zionofascist Republican Neocons are worried about retaliation by a group of people perhaps they should stop killing, kidnapping, humiliating, dispossesing, and impoverishing them. The terrorstate model is not rational and is destructive to human progress, but makes a lot of money for friends of people like Gingrich.

He added that the United States could “lose two or three cities to nuclear weapons, or more than a million to biological weapons.” Gingrich added that in such a scenario, “freedom as we know it will disappear, and we will become a much grimmer, much more militarized, dictatorial society.” “Three nuclear weapons are a second Holocaust,” Gingrich declared, adding: “People are greatly underestimating how dangerous the world is becoming. I’ll repeat it, three nuclear weapons are a second Holocaust. Our enemies are quite explicit in their desire to destroy us. They say it publicly? We are sleepwalking through this process as though it’s only a problem of communication,” Gingrich said. The former House speaker expressed concern that the Israeli and American political establishments were not fully equipped to take stock of the current threat level. “Our enemies are fully as determined as Nazi Germany, and more determined that the Soviets.

Got to mention the Nazis when trying to manipulate Jews, eh Newt?

Our enemies will kill us the first chance they get. There is no rational ability to deny that fact. It’s very clear that the problems are larger and more immediate than the political systems in Israel or the US are currently capable of dealing with,” said Gingrich.

The only problem is Gingrich has no evidence for any of this. For Iran to attack the US would be suicide, the response would be overwhelming and there would not be much left of Iran afterward. Ahmadinejad knows this. However tyrannical the Iranian regime may be, they are certainly not mad or the next Hitler as many would suggest. Indeed their actions are far more rational than that of Israel or the US.

Israeli Zionofascism has a firm hold on US and Canadian policy through use of double agents like the US Neocons(who managed to get the bungling figurehead GW Bush elected), and Zionist control of the media. Many of them have dual US/Israeli citizenship. We have literal Zionofascist terrorist collaborators in government and media pointing us at who they want to kill.


One Response to “Cuckoo Neocon Gin Grinch Calling for War”

  1. Hi

    Zionist control of the media?

    Your serious aren’t you?

    The Jimmy Carter school of geopolitics?


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