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Assassinating Children: How it is Done in Israhell

Posted by Anarchore on January 19, 2007

Was this a targetted assassination?  The murdered girl’s father is a member of Combatants for Peace, the Israeli-Palestinian peace organisation. The State of Israel follows a strategy of tension, where they do whatever they can to enrage Palestinians.  When the Palestinians retaliate, our Zionofascist controlled media only shows the Palestinian violence.  This strategy of tension and playing the victim is extremely lucrative, with Israeli leaders willing to sacrifice a few Jews along with the Palestinians to make the case for continued occupation.  The benefit to playing the victim is $4 billion/year in US arms and aid.  Check out this website for the truth about Israeli terrorism.

Palestinian girl wounded by Israeli troops dies in hospital

One source says she was hit by a stun grenade during a demonstration.

source: BBC


Palestinian girl dies of injuries

A 10-year-old Palestinian girl has died in hospital in Jerusalem, three days after being injured during an incident involving Israeli border police. The child, Abir Aramin, was the daughter of a prominent Palestinian peace activist Bassam Aramin.

She came from the West Bank village of Anata where Israel is building a section of its West Bank barrier.

Palestinians say she was with two other girls in the village when an Israeli border police vehicle drove past.

Stones were thrown in the direction of the police, who responded with tear-gas and stun-grenades. The girl was hit in the head.

The border police have launched an investigation.



Her Schoolmates have a different story.

Source: International Solidarity Movement

Hassan, a sixteen-year old student who witnessed Abir’s injury and carried her back to the girls school stated “the students of the girls school and the boys school had both just come out of an examination. A border police jeep approached the gathering of girls. The girls were afraid and started running away. The border police jeep followed them in the direction in which they were retreating. Abir was afraid and stood against one of the shops at the side of the road, I was standing near her. The border policeman shot through a special hole in the window of the jeep that was standing very close to us. Abir fell to the ground. I picked her up and took her to the girls school. I saw that she was bleeding from the head.”


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