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Zionofascists Shut Down Academic Lecture

Posted by Anarchore on January 17, 2007

There is no academic or political freedom in Canada.

Jared Taylor Surrounded by ARA Scum
Jared Taylor is a paleoconservative and editor of the American Renaissance website. He dares to show that diversity may not be the wonderful thing the Zionist Occupied Government of Canada makes it out to be. Because of this the smears fly against him in the media, and doors are closed. Here is what happened according to OdinPatrick of Stormfront:

“It all started In December when I created a post urging Stormfront Members to attend the Race debate between Taylor and David Divine (Dalhousie University Black Studies professor.) A week or so after my post, The Chronicle Herald, CBC, National Post all quoted me and mentioned some sort of Stormfront-Amren-Dalhousie University connection. Of course, they couldn’t forget to throw in libelous phrases such as “neo-nazi” and “white supremacist” in their National News Articles. This led to the debate being shut down and Jared Taylor giving a Race Lecture instead. And well, it got mobbed by such “upstanding” citizens who don’t value freedom at all.” —OdinPatrick of Stormfront.org

Update -March 10

Communists have claimed Taylor is a hateful racist. When he is allowed to speak, his views seem more reasonable than bigotted. Communists and Zionofascists are wrong in attempting to stifle debate on important issues.

A debate was cancelled…


Academic freedom questioned

Dalhousie cancels talk by ‘racial nationalist’


Chris Wattie, National Post

Published: Friday, December 22, 2006

A Canadian university yesterday cancelled a debate on racial diversity between the head of its black studies program and a American “racial nationalist,” for fear that the topic would be too controversial.

But the cancellation of the debate has raised concerns about academic freedom, with the executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers arguing that it sends the wrong message to call off the debate at Dalhousie University next month between Professor David Divine and Jared Taylor, of American Renaissance magazine, on the topic of “Racial Diversity: North America’s Strength or Weakness?”

“The way you deal with speech some may find objectionable or even abhorrent is not with silence,” said James Turk. “It’s with more speech — with criticism and debate.

Jared Taylor, President of the New Century Foundation

Jared Taylor, President of the New Century Foundation

“We’re always concerned when a university shuts down debate like this, especially around controversial subjects.”

And last night…

The Canadian Press
HALIFAX (Jan 17, 2007)A mob of protesters shouting, “Nazis aren’t welcome here,” shoved a self-described “race realist” from a Halifax hotel conference room where he was about to give a controversial speech last night.

At least one prominent Zionofascist was present
Unfortunately… …it’s a free country”

“Media outlets were invited to attend Mr. Taylor’s talk at the Lord Nelson, which was also open to the general public.

One attendee who was the man who intervened when Mr. Taylor was being roughly escorted into the hallway was Jon Goldberg of the Atlantic Jewish Council in Halifax.

Mr. Goldberg acknowledged he’s familiar with Mr. Taylor’s views, which he finds abhorrent. He said the protesters were wrong to physically usher the speaker out of the meeting room.

“Unfortunately, unless he breaks (Canada’s) hate-crime law, it’s a free country,” Mr. Goldberg told The Chronicle Herald.

What Mr. Taylor has done is “incite these people to violence, which will make him a martyr,” Mr. Goldberg said.

“The best thing you could have done was to ignore the guy,” he said.

In an interview, Mr. Taylor said he has never received such a “disconcerting” reception in his life. He said he was outraged by the behaviour of most protesters at the meeting.

I kept expecting police officers to show up,” Mr. Taylor said. “So it was a surprise to me that that never happened.

Mr Goldberg says he disagreed with the protestors’ actions. So what was he doing there?
Unrestricted immigration is designed to radically change the demographics of Canada, yet there is no academic freedom to discuss whether bringing the third world into Canada is a good idea.

Here is what Jared Taylor didn’t get to talk about in Canada:


“Have the non-whites who are coming and who are increasing racial diversity improved the country? I realize this is a taboo question, but let us ask it anyway.”

“With your immigration and multi-culturalist policies you are dicing with the future of your country. If there is even a small chance that by replacing European Canadians with Third-World Canadians you will end up with a Third-World country, do you not owe it to your children and grandchildren to think seriously about the demographic future of your country?”

These questions are valid. I don’t think Canadians ever voted or were ever properly informed of this sort of radical change. The media won’t discuss it. It was just forced on Canada.

Diversity and immigration are divide and conquer tactics.

“A divide and conquer strategy is employed whenever a small
elite group seeks to rule a much larger group of people. At
the present time organized Jews and ultra-wealthy white
gentiles are utilizing the strategy against the rest of us.”

–posted to USENET group can.politics by V Hart.


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